Musicians On Call, a nonprofit organization formed in 1999, brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. Musicians On Call uses music to promote and complement the healing process for patients, families and caregivers.

One billion people on the planet don't have access to clean drinking water. That's one in six of us. charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of public donations directly fund water projects

The STOP Child Trafficking Now global campaign targets the source of child trafficking: predators who drive the sex industry everywhere in the world, including in your local community. SCTNow has partnered with specially trained elite operatives familiar with what it takes to infiltrate, investigate and bring to justice the predators victimizing children worldwide.

FreedomShout is based on the hope that we, as caring human beings, can band together to start a wave of inspiration and spiritual awareness that will bring us together while striving for peace and tranquility in a world that celebrates liberty, and prosperity for all. Freedom Shout is motivated by the work of organizations such as 'Amnesty International' and the success of concerts such as 'Live Aid.'

FreedomShout will feature headliners and emerging artists from all over the world not limited to 50+ countries participating in support of freedom of all kinds. Artists will have the opportunity to speak, perform, contribute and inform others of charitable organizations that are passionately close to their hearts and rooted in freedom based causes. The intent of this event is to make it an annual gathering whereby the message, concept and reason for the event is to bring awareness to conditions around the world that need immediate and long term solutions. Artists that contribute to this event will see a percentage of funds from the concert donated to the charity that they support with their message and likeness. New York City was chosen as the first location for such a widespread event because it is a forum for many heterogeneous cultures who have relocated to New York with extended families residing all over the globe some of whom have suffered inexplicable conditions for a life of freedom